Baby Bath Guide – Tips to prevent bathroom accidents with babies

Giving a shower to your newborn is always the most well-planned task for the day. It is an emotional and exciting moment for the mommies. Yet even after being extra cautious with the babes, we tend to forget what should come first. Let’s take a look at our guide.

Put a towel under the baby

First thumb rule is to never lay the baby directly in the tub. Spread a long soft towel for his support that works like an anti-slipping solution. Fold a spare towel and fix under his neck keeping his position upright. Remember, its difficult to make newborns take bath than it actually looks.

Use a rubber mat or old towel for floor

Before you could anticipate, they are two levels higher than they were and are done with the idea of using bath tub. Without a rubber/silicon mat under their feet it’s a bad idea for the kids to let be. Bathroom accidents cause major injuries, not to forget!

Check the temperature

Dip your elbow to check the water temperature in bucket. This gets really crucial if your kid is still an infant. Their skin is extremely sensitive and anything wrong can harm his/her very evidently. Before you begin, ensure the water is baby-friendly.

Remember it’s always toe to head

The babies usually have a peculiar body temperature of their own. Putting the first burst of water right on the head can alarm his mental and physical psyche. Always start right. Begin from toes and go up to the head. Slowly and steadily the body gets prepared for the temperature and the child gets ready for it. Remember, bathing shouldn’t just be a task to get rid off.

Don’t crowd the washroom

Just like too many cooks, spoil the food; too many attendants around the baby make things difficult. No one has ever fetched anything out of chaos. So, we suggest that mom with one extra help is always enough.

Never leave your child unattended

Last but not the least, never ever leave your child alone in the bathroom. Children do ensure we can trust them, but as parents we must always fear incidents of drowning, slipping, etc. in the bathrooms.