Parenting has a different definition for everyone. You may have your own approach to it but sometimes you do have a need to seek support as a new parent.
TIMC is a moms community with an endeavour to reach out to all moms and moms-to-be.

At The Indian Moms Club, we understand your time is of utmost importance and that’s exactly the reason why we showcase and put out our experiences that are worthy of a parent’s time.

Our content is aimed to make Parenting and Motherhood easy just as you enter the phase.. Answering all your hows and whys with a newborn, mommy hacks, to kids activity ideas & DIYs, kid’s nutrition and how to raise mindful children. We are simplifying every mom’s life by addressing issues that are mostly never spoken of.

Our biggest plus is that we understand how demanding and challenging is the millennial era. Precisely, alongside raising ourselves as parents too.

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We hope to positively guide you through your parenting journey with The Indian Moms Club.