Parenting after divorce

Divorce in India, custody of children
Divorce in India, custody of children

If you ask anyone their opinion on ‘has divorce changed parenting?’, nine out of ten people will say “yes,” and long story short, that’s true. Parenting single-handedly after divorce is extremely challenging. Your children go through a lot more than you may think. So, if your spouse was the one having an emotional understanding with your kid(s), it can get tougher for you.

Factors that leave a major effect on parenting can be:

● Divorce/ separation

● Abusive marriage

● Controlling parents

If after several tries you discover that you and your better half are no longer happy with each other, it’s disheartening. However, there are common reasons that trigger the circumstances leading to divorce:

● Conflicting opinions

● Dishonesty/Infidelity

● Domestic violence

● Intruding In-laws

● Communication gap

If you are heading towards a divorce, here are key factors that you need to consider while divorcing your partner.

  1. At what point of your marriage, you’re filing a divorce?
  2. What’s the age of your children?
  3. Are you aware of children’s right for custody?
  4. Can you offer financial security to your chidlren?
  5. Can you provide home and safety for your kids?

As a parent, you should plan a healthy future for your child even after divorce. You must consider the financial factors as primary. It would be best if you think about your child’s point of view at every stage.

Things that you should do after divorce to nurture the growth of your child:

  • Quality-time with children: Save a few hours for your child and spend some quality time with them. Assure them they are essential. Downing quality time with your child makes them feel exceptional.
  • Help them realize their worth: You need to make them realize their worth. You should treat them well. They should not feel the grief of being away from the other parent. Divorce should not be the reason behind their unhappiness.
  • Nourish their skills: Encourage them to nurture their talents. Help them by indulging them in things they love. Deviate their attention and channelize their energy.

Final thoughts

Controlling and guiding are two completely different terms. In the present scenario, most parents have the dominant tendency to supervise their children’s lives, and that’s completely unethical. Think wisely and make it an opportunity to nurture your parenting skills as a single parent.