Must haves when starting solid baby food

Mashed potato all over the face, fruit puree dripping down the bib and that messy floor! You will see so much more when you begin feeding your child the solids you have been long waiting for.



All in one Baby Food Maker:

Every mom’s journey of food preparation for her baby is different. However, if you are a smart and witty mommy, this quick solution is perfect for weaning off. The market has a variety of this multifunctional gadget in colours and options you like. It’s definitely more hygienic way of cooking. Simple. Cut, steam and blend veggies and superfoods to have your silky smooth purees and porridges ready.


Waterproof Bibs:

It is essential. A bib is the first requirement when you put your child to solids from the regular feeding routine. Wipe and use waterproof bibs are the best. You don’t have to worry too much about the after chores. Just wipe and keep it for next use. There are also pocket bibs in market  which store all the dropping food down there.



Allergy Testing Food:

The transition from exclusively being on milk to starting baby with solid food is a careful step. Has your baby’s paediatric ever mentioned about various food allergies at infant stages. While for many it might be new to hear about food allergies but for parents having their second child, you may assume a lot from the past experience. Always begin by giving a taste of allergy testing foods like soy, eggs, nuts, milk, seafood, wheat, etc.  Speak to your docs for lactose and gluten intolerance.


Mess free mats :

Mats are important. Keep your cleaning exercise at bay and get some relaxation to yourself. The market is flooded with silicon mats with shapes and pockets to fit in your sippy cups, food and liquids at the right place. You may keep these hands while travelling.
Go buy these now!

Ergonomic Cutlery:

Be vary of choking hazards while feeding your infant. Many episodes of choking have been reported at around this age. We as moms are too excited to feed our LO but little do we know that pushing just any spoon into our baby’s mouth can be hazardous. Silicon spoons perfectly designed are perfectly shaped at the tail to give you a good grip.



Standard High Chair:

Again a high-chair can save you from a lot of drama other than your floor getting dirty. Classic high chairs help you to feed your child at the level of your hand aka perfect posture for the mom and the baby. We don’t favour backaches while you bend every time, every day for every meal. That’s so true (We know, we have tried). It’s a durable investment you would love for years on years.