10 Hacks For Every Smart Mom

Welcome to the most toughest job in the world aka being a mom. You have to be a master organiser with some expert skills to manage everyday.

Wait! You need these mom hacks.

1.     Fruit Puree 

This is both for the fussy and non-fussy eaters. To save time in making meals, always have fruit purees ready for the kid. You can take apples, peaches, avocados, pumpkins, mango, banana, strawberry. Make a smoothie when you are on the go. You can freeze these purees for quick cooking. Have some curd dips or  hummus to feed hungry children.

2.     Replace Quick snacks

When travelling, we always go the comforted way as preparing food is a task. Snacks can be healthy too. Cucumber or carrots with a curd dip are the best for your child. For meals, keep dry roasted khichdi (roast broken rice, dal, jeera and grind) in a jar and just add boiling water and salt to ready it for the kid.

3.     Organise your cupboard well

You need that matching stockings, skirt and the right accessories all at the same time? To do this is very easy if you have used cupboard organisers. It has sections for everything so that moms don’t go crazy at the eleventh hour. So, the socks go into socks and the undershirts go where they must.

4.     Equip your car

Stock your car with baby essentials once and never pack them out. You might need an extra pair of clothes, diapers, wet wipes and biscuits for snack attack. Keep his favourite toy and books for those long tiring rides.
Not to forget, managing trash in the car is most important. So, you do need trash bags to keep your vehicle out of mess.

5.     Use the mattress

There are no two opinions if the infant is growing out to her toddler stage. Use the mattress by laying them floor and creating a play area for them. This is an age of action and reaction. Prevent them from their first falls and head bumps as they turn and tumble to walk down.

6.     Chalkboard vinyl for walls

If you have been wondering at the wall art of your neighbour’s house, well it’s your turn soon. Kids grow up really fast. Before we even imagine, they speed up their reach for crayons, lipsticks, markets and take up first on the walls of the house. Get white or vinyl chalkboard sheets covered at the bottom 2 feet to ease your worries.

7.     Label their stuff –

From bottles to bags, shoes to skirts, have everything of your chid labelled. Often preschooler moms have confusions over “what belongs to whom”. Get yourself out of chaos. Labels also help children in recalling and recognising their names and spelling faster. It’s fun to DIY. Print your kid’s name with her favourite cartoon background on sticker sheets.

8.     Order groceries online

The world is getting smarter for you and if you are not up for it, its time. Groceries, cold cuts, veggies all fresh, all day long are available online. Buying baby clothes and diapers is passè. Have the whole house managed under your fingertips.

9.     Use old t-shirt for art & craft

Let them paint the way they want. Before you dispose their small clothes, keep a two for their craft activities. Cut the t-shirt open from the sides and use them as apron on toddlers when they go painting on their own.

10.  Use a straw for syrups

All kids hate medicines. Make it seem more interesting. Put the measured ml in a small cup and let them have it with straw. The fun will make them forget what’s in it and ease your mommy worries too.

It’s time to live life to its best. After all we are mommies now!