5 Best Ways to Deal With Pregnancy Aches and Pains

A baby on the way is an exhilarating experience – our body changes as the due date approaches with each trimester. As time goes by and the foetus develops, our body can experience discomfort. The pain is a good sign, though.

Here are some ways to deal with pregnancy’s aches and pains.

Good massage

It is very normal for pregnant women to get sore feet, swollen ankles, and body aches. Ask your spouse for a massage. Don’t be shy to let them know what you need. A good massage can provide some relief.

Enough rest 

Many women complain about headaches during their pregnancy. Have a good amount of sleep and eat healthily. Drink water, fruit juice and smoothies.

Using Pillow as support 

It is hard to adjust in your own body when there’s a human inside you growing! Try to keep a pillow between your legs. It helps with the discomfort and the pain while sleeping. Many expecting mothers use a pillow on their side to help with their posture.


While the discomfort can take a toll on you and stress you out, try to go into the pool. The weightlessness in the water can help you ease the pain. Try to sit by the pool and relax.

Working out

Ladies! It’s not the end of the world. And no, moving your limbs won’t harm your baby. Exercising will only help you keep your weight in check, and the fetus will grow healthier if you are healthy. 

There are many other ways to deal with pregnancy aches and pains, and we just mentioned a few of them in this article. If the pain is consistent and any of the above-mentioned methods are not working to ease the pain, immediately visit your doctor.