Dating after divorce: What to ask yourself?

Finding the love of your life and having them as your life partner is something that every person dreams of. In the Indian context, despite the changing societal dynamics, arranged marriages are still largely prevalent. That being said, starting a new life with someone is the most decisive chapter of one’s life, and when it comes to an end, all hell breaks loose.

Divorce, a word that most of the Indian families shy from, is still looked down upon. In the stereotypical context, a divorcee is presumed to have a long lonely life ahead, at least by the preceding generations.

But what if someone wants to move ahead in life and, more importantly, give themselves another shot? What if someone decides to date once again and embrace life as it comes? Well, that’s certainly a crucial yet complex question to answer. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the imperative questions and how you should tackle them.

Are you ready?

Well, that’s something you need to be absolutely sure about. Stepping out of a marriage can be daunting and lead to loneliness. But, before you jump into the next relationship, make sure that you are mentally prepared and have healed from your past’s trauma.

Know that you aren’t stepping into a relationship just for revenge or to ease your ego. This will in turn be more traumatic than the divorce itself.

Ensure you have set up reasonable expectations the second time around. Remember, not to compare your new love to your ex. Understanding your new partner from a new perspective will be the right move for you.

How to break it down to the family?

It totally depends. If your family is supportive enough, you can be open, but if you are not-so-lucky, wait until you have unwavering belief and stability in your new relationship. Be self-reflective and sure of things that will come through this relationship.

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