Why moms are love dispenser?

Why giving love is important for your child?

Today she is one month old but tomorrow she will be ten. Kids grow up fast, really fast. It’s such an emotional truth you discover only when you give birth. But resorting to remedies like spending more time with your child and giving dollops of love is all that will remain forever.

We all are very familiar, habitual with our community. Here opinions are always pouring in. One of the most stark one I remember “itna zyada laad karoge toh bidega he”.   While opinion differentiation is not the matter here. We must understand that mothers know the best for their children. Often, love is misinterpreted as pampering by the generation gone by. So, does it questions a mother’s upbringing? Does it justify that by allowing the child his own freedom, the mother is pampering the child when she must not. Well, no! The relation between every mother and her child is communicated through their language. It’s only through that affection your child confides in you, no matter what. By caressing plenty of times in a day you build your child’s trust. After all, your baby is your heart.

While over pampering is no good either. It may harm your child’s mental development in ma. The child will gradually grow to hold on to your weakest nerve before you realise. Don’t give them room for being spoilt. Dispense as much love you can for the child but never let the child develop a wrong habit or a virtue which would be unpleasant in any way. However, correcting the kid all the time in a way too rude to him can mar your entire effort. Toddlers are just too young to be expected to do things correct or the incorrect way. They just do it, they don’t wish to be judged. It is indeed unfair on our part to judge a child who is just beginning to learn new things, touch them, feel them and explore.

By knowing the power of “let them be”, many moms have seen miracles. They have seen what none can. They have discovered those hidden inhibitions in their children. That’s the power of love. Love is the freedom that you can give to your child. Have you ever wondered what a beautiful way of love is when you hold your baby and rub your cheeks against his. This is a pure feeling. I would request all parents to believe that you can never spend enough moments with your baby. You can never love them enough.

You can never love your child extra. Period.

There’s not a set recipe for raising kids. It’s simple when a mother listens to her heart.