Anxiety Inducing In-Laws

postpartum depression

Anxiety, depression and grief is not often discussed about in motherhood. Mom anxiety is still a taboo in the Indian society and mothers are often looked down upon when they confess their feelings. Many moms go through this rough phase silently due to lack of support from in-laws and spouse.

In addition to the above, there are other factors that aggrevate the anxiety levels in new mothers. Identify timely if you’re going through any of the similar symptoms.

● Work stress

● Family crises

● Relationship issues

● Abusive marriage

● Grief and bereavement

Have you ever heard of ‘anxiety-inducing in-laws?’. Unfortunately, the biggest stress inducers for women in the present times are their in-laws. Many women are coming out in open to discuss about their issues just so that they can help other women.

So, if you find your in-laws going against every small step you take or disrespect every decision you take or indeed interfere in your life very often, you must take it as a red flag. 

Here’s how you can survive through this tough period.

1. Lower your expectation level

It’s obvious to have expectations from people who are close to your heart. But you must learn to not expect things in return. This is the first step to bring inner peace to yourself.

2. Emotional detachment

Learn the fine line and don’t cross over when you understand the clues. The more you engage with them emotionally, the more chances you might end up hurting yourself.  

3. Set boundaries

Set your boundaries right and focus on the good part. Engage yourself in the things that interest you the most.

4. Counseling

If you feel depression and anxiety is growing out of hands, seek medical help or a therapist. You can also join self-help groups and listen to the stories of those who’ve gone through the same.

Final thoughts

If you feel your marriage is at the verge of ending and you have no other option, give it a last chance. Communicate things with your spouse. Decide mutually and come down to a decision that brings happiness back into your lives.