How to get kids to eat more vegetables

how to feed vegetables to kids

When my little one was 1.6 years she used to eat beans, broccoli and even spinach. But suddenly she has stopped eating all vegetables. I am so worried.

How did she eat all that earlier?

I made a puree out of everything and fed her.

Ohh!! So that’s where the problem begins.

Hey mamma!! Honestly, your child has no idea what vegetables look like because you have always pureed them down for him. You made sure the child gets to eat the best in the best possible way. Well, your little one is not so little anymore. He has grown up to make his own choices when it comes to food. He has learnt to like & dislike things and there’s nothing you can do about it for now.

While you know you cannot force-feed your child, you still try your hardest to get your toddler to finish that bowl of greens. We know it isn’t easy to just sit and eat while your child isn’t getting his right diet proportion. But, let’s just STOP being the guilt-mumma!

Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Do not change the form completely

Let the vegetable look like what it is, create stories around carrots and broccoli and introduce them in a fun and happy way while shopping with your toddler. Remember, your child will not recognise the vegetable and will never ask for it again if you puree it down.

2. Go vegetable shopping together

Make it fun for the child and you. Let the child decide what he would like to eat for dinner. Share interesting facts about the vegetables he likes to pick up at the market.

3. Don’t be the boring mommy

Now that you know what exactly you’re going to cook, let your toddler help you out in the kitchen. Cut vegetables into shapes like triangles, circles and squares and ask your child to place them on the sandwich making funny faces like olive eyes, shredded carrot hair, cucumber tummy and tomato nose.

4. Don’t only serve vegetables

If your child gets the slightest clue of your mission, it will be very difficult for you to restart the whole process. Ensure you add variety throughout the week and not only stick to the boring vegetable routine. Well, kids look forward to fancy meals so toss in some vegetables into pasta, sandwiches or have a fun barbeque with your kids.

5. Avoid forcing, bribing and nagging

Do not set routines that are hard to carry on. Remember you cannot bribe your child with chocolate every day for eating healthy. Create a happy atmosphere while having meals so that it goes in your favour in the long run.

Once your child begins to like his veggies, pick his favourites and twist the recipes around them for more fun.