Hum do humare do – That era is gone!

Times are changing and so are the family planning principles. In the recent times, it’s no longer seen or believed to have two children to complete the family.

Most couples are opting to have just one child as they believe that they can do justice to only one with the increasing job pressures, cost of living and given the paucity of time.

There are numerous reasons for such a shift.

The first and most important is the pressure of modern marriage. Sad but true, marriages bring along it’s share of lows and highs. Relationships today are more complex than they used to be. And to keep the spark alive, there is a lot that needs to be done. Hence many couples delay family planning or just consider to have one child as marriage takes a back seat.

The second most practical reason is the cost of raising two children. It is unaffordably high for many of us. As parents, we want the best for the child, from diapers to clothing to schooling, we are not open to the idea of compromising at any stage. And all of this comes at a huge cost!

The third most common concern that we parents feel is the undivided attention that we wish to give. With limited time and resources, it’s extremely difficult to multitask and achieve work life balance. Having two children and not being able to spend quality time equally and without favouring the other is not doable. Therefore, being able to shower all the attention to just one child is far more justifiable than to juggle between two.

Yes, the increasing job pressures and expectations at work is the fourth reason that can’t be ignored. There is a growing need for a woman to contribute to the household income. Most women stop working after their first child because they are unable to balance and more so because of lack of domestic help. This seems to add a lot of stress as well. Hence women favour having a one child policy to be able to resume work sooner and avoid bumps in their career graph.

In contrary to the above reasons, most parents just opt for a second child only for the sake of having a sibling companion. They get a reality check once they are unable to cope up with their growing expenses. Just pause, think through, and then make a decision. The choice is ours and we must make the right one!

I’m sure, all the above reasons quoted are something we all parents go through at some point in time. But that shouldn’t stop us to reach our goals. As long as our priorities are set right and our focus is intact, everything is achievable. Family planning is something that shouldn’t be influenced by the society or an individual. It’s a decision two people take and we must take the plunge when we are ready for it!