Every woman is a super woman!

Believe it or not, Every woman is a super woman for she is born with great powers.

This great power is a blessing of being a mother. Yes, It’s only a woman who can be a MOTHER!

And it’s only a mother who can fight all odds for her child. Hence there is no greater joy than being a mother who gives a life and meaning to another soul. It’s miraculous to witness this god’s beautiful creation and the supreme power he has given to every woman.

Only when you become a mother, you realise what it takes to be one. A heart so pure, a love so selfless and a touch so comforting. It just doesn’t end there.

Motherhood is a joy ride with a bagful of emotions. It’s a journey filled with love, laughter and sweet kisses & hugs. That moment when you get to experience it, that moment when it all starts. A mother inside you is born – a silhouette of a selfless soul who wishes to only spread love around. That’s the beauty of being a mother, it brings alive the best in you.

Its a life changing situation and yet she is delighted to welcome and nourish the new soul with all that she has to offer.

Yet, we feel disheartened by the society who says men are ahead. Women are far more courageous and powerful in every way possible for she has the strength and perseverance to overcome all the challenges and battles, rule the world and above all she has the true power to give birth to a ‘man’. What can be greater than this!

Motherhood uplifts our world with light, so let’s spread this light, of hope and encouragement, strength and positivity and the light of joy and selfless love to all the mommies and mommies to be. We are ahead of many! And we are doing great.

Motherhood is a magical expression of love. It’s a gift from above. Let’s embrace it with more pride and honour!