Coping up with miscarriage

The power to bring a life in this world is the best gift women have received from nature. There’s nothing as emotionally and psychologically indulging as the journey of nine months of pregnancy. Given the physiological and emotional aspects of becoming a mother, it is impossible to comprehend how painful a miscarriage can be for an expecting mother.

Miscarriage” does to a woman what nothing can. It feels like an irreversible feeling that can hook onto you emotionally if you don’t bring yourself out of it at the right time. Today, we will take you through the coping mechanism for anyone who’s witnessing this unfortunate event.

Emotional inferiority

Emotional turmoil is deeply weaved into the tragedy of miscarriage. You might feel inferior or incapable of seeing other expecting mothers around. It’s crucial to tell yourself that you gave your best to take care of the baby, and there’s always a next chance.


It’s pretty evident that you end up blaming yourself for what happened. However, despite being difficult, you need to keep reminding yourself that it’s not the end of the world.


Optimism is essential for moving on in life, and for optimism, you need to have clarity. It’s difficult for a clouded mind to be optimistic. Make sure that you reach out to your loved ones because going through a miscarriage will make you feel more vulnerable, lonely and worthless. Consulting a therapist is also a favourable option in circumstances where you find it hard to cope up. 

It’s understandable that losing a child, albeit unborn is probably the biggest tragedy one can experience. But, it’s also essential to handle yourself and others around you while also trying to make your way out.

Remember, that the sun will shine upon you again.

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