Parenting Loopholes – Things you must immediately stop doing in front of children

 Children learn not what they are taught, but what they see. 

Every parent thinks he is better than the others. They feel they are imparting a behaviour that is much finer than their peers. But is it so really? Certain activities or momentary behaviours of parents leave an everlasting impact on their kids. While parents do it intentionally or unintentionally, the only way to be a right example in front of your child is by doing a self-check. Yes! You can judge yourself the best and if you watch your actions, your child’s behaviour will flower positively.

So here are a few things parents must refrain from doing in front of their children.

1. Fighting in front of your child

It’s the most common mistake parents do. But we forget the repercussions. Little name-calling or an argument also leaves a negative impact on your child. The kids are going to feel that it’s entirely alright to behave that way. So they absorb everything and imitate us.

2. Disagreement with spouse

Common scenario right? It’s okay for you to intervene if you think your spouse is being too harsh with the punishment but only when it’s required. Kids are smart, they make their way to the parent who supports them in a situation. This promotes favouritism.

3. Lying

Parents should not be dishonest in any way. Kids observe and absorb even the most little things. This can develop a harmful behavioural pattern in the child in his growing up years.

4. Smoking & Drinking

A complete no-no. This not only sets a bad example but also affects the health of your child. Smoking may cause infections and respiratory problems. Hence it should completely refrain.

5. Spending time on devices

While technological advances have certainly made our lives easier, but overindulgence leads to a set of problems that we do not anticipate. The first and foremost is that the Kids begin to feel less important and loved. Secondly, it also encourages them to use these devices as means of entertainment as opposed to other physical activities which are hazardous to their health in the long run and hamper their growth.

6. Disrespecting and speaking poorly of other people

Without being aware of it we give away a lot of information to our kids. This can be quite confusing as they are not old enough to understand sarcasm or double meanings at such a tender age. They learn from watching our words and actions and this will further influence the way they act in the future. Therefore, we must avoid certain behaviours and free commenting until we can better understand the whole context.

7. Being Violent

Violence in any form physical or verbal should refrain. By using violence as a means to resolve an issue sends a very wrong message to the child. Some kids remember it for life while others might just emulate it since it seems ok for adults to do it. This can have destructive effects on growing minds.

8. Swear and Curse

Most of it may not be done intentionally but kids adapt the same language far more quickly than we think. Swearing and cursing may lead to children indulging in wrong acts.

9. Making Comparison

Parents often tend to compare their children with others which is not a good example as a role model for your child. For instance, by comparing your child to perform better, you are undermining his/her confidence This is the worst parenting habit. Hence try praising your child to reduce their insecurity and protect them to have any adverse effects on their personality.

10. Reject or Ignore

Remember the day your child is born, they are ready to communicate with their parents through their grunts and cries until they start speaking. Never ignore or reject them. With each action or word, they are trying to communicate something to us. By not reciprocating his/her feelings, you are conveying the message of rejection which can be difficult to recover from especially among older kids. Always hug, cuddle and love them back dearly.

Parents know the best for their children. While we all may know whatever is said above, yet we forget to follow. These points have been penned down and reiterated just so that they stay on top of our minds always.

Let’s follow conscious parenting!