4 Tips on Breaking The Taboos To The Kids

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What are off-the-charts for children?

A daunting question for parents, as modern times require breaking the taboos to the kids. Developing your child with a progressive mindset is needed for parenting from an early age.

Discuss Puberty as early as you can

The issue of puberty is treated as a general taboo around conservative parents. Explaining the natural reproductive system makes your kids adapt to their biological advancements much easier. Terms like Vagina and Penis aren’t shameful to use. Make them sound as normal as nose, chin or eyes. Make them feel normal about themselves. Invest time and support in your child to secure his/her self-esteem. It’s time to break the taboos.

Educate, educate and educate – Sex Ed 

Sexual Education is a matter of great sensitivity around traditional parents. Understanding that kids, too, someday grow up is difficult to grasp for them. Instead of being strict parents and restricting them, educate them on physical requirements to make better choices. Educate them to love their bodies and respect the way others are.

Self Love

Self-love is important to learn. A great parenting tip of teaching your kid to love himself comes in handy for foster care. Abandoned kids naturally have lower self-esteem and problems of self-identity than typical kids. 

It is worsened through exposure to different social expectations. From having the right body to choosing their interests, parents should never treat self-image as taboo and encourage them as they are.

Coming out of Closet

Shaming kids for their sexuality is a huge problem to combat. Homosexuality, transsexuality, and asexuality are all common among the population of the modern world. Still, they are buried in the hush-hushes of conservative parents as a taboo.

If your kid comes out as differently oriented, towards the same sex, or feels the need to change the sex, never dismiss them. Give them the space they need.
Keeping in mind these small things together, remember that your kid is different. Generalizing is another poor habit strict parents use to compare their kids to others. Acknowledge, appreciate and elevate their difference of interests. Break the taboos, don’t be a regular parent. Understand the child and educate them as they grow. Sooner than you know, your kid will grow up secure in his skin and respect you tomorrow for what you did today.