Weight Loss – Post Pregnancy – 10 Points to follow

Let’s do some real talk. There’s no magical way to quickly shed weight after delivering the baby. Indeed, it’s very important to understand that quickly shedding weight can let your body run out of energy, cause fatigue and affect your breastmilk supply and nutrition. There are also chances of your previous weight being carried forward with subsequent pregnancies. However, by ignoring weight loss you are going to make an easy way to procrastinate. This will only lead young mothers to have high blood pressure diabetes, obesity and other health-related disorders. 

Watch for all the signs of breast milk production and weight at least three months before you begin to exercise after delivery. Always follow the no rush policy because and carry on the duties of the mother as a new mom. Begin the weight loss process at complete ease and all happiness. 

  1. Breastfeeding – Technically breastfeeding helps you burning 300-500 calories a day. But everybody type is different, the hormones are different and so are the patterns of lifestyle. You may feed the baby on demand which could be more or less than a baby of another mom. Beyond creating and optimizing complete nutrition for your baby, your body can help lose fat that was stored in the body during pregnancy.
  2. Check your portion Stick to a policy “just enough for me”. It’s undeniably true that there are post-partum cravings. The more we eat, the more we want to. That’s how the body signals the brain. Stop, think and act! Ask your body are you still hungry or over-eating. Eat small meals in small intervals. Start by breaking down the quantity you serve for yourself. 
  3. Avoid High-fat foods Whether a caesarean or natural birth, it’s advisable to stick to more fulfilling foods. Avoiding fried, cholesterol dense food, carbonated drinks are not very promising for your future health. Replace high-fats smartly. 
  4. Consume more proteins A lactating mother must dedicatedly consume a good amount of food source from proteins. Higher the protein content in your body, higher metabolism your body will have. Average protein need for a body is 1 gram for 1 kg of body weight. And during pregnancy and lactation period, the need for protein goes up higher. 
  5. Eat more Fibre – Carrots, beets or broccoli, quinoa, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, oranges, plums, tomatoes, rolled oats, fibrous whole wheat each lot of this in your meals. Fibre fills you up for a long time. It’s healthy for heart and gut. 
  6. Say no to white sugar – Eating an excessive amount of white sugar will make you gain weight. There isn’t any doubt about that. A lot of white sugar will end you being hungry quicker. Eliminating foods likes cookies, pizza, loaves of bread, chips, as we tend to overeat these. They have no nutritional value to add to your breastmilk. Sugar plays nastily with your waistline. Keep a check after post pregnancy.
  7. Active lifestyleNow that you have your bub, you already have an active schedule. You have been moving around and doing multi-tasking. But in case you have help right at your hand, don’t bring back the sedentary lifestyle after pregnancy. Don’t be a bed-bum and ask for things. Rather act like an active mommy; involve in chores, walk up to the market, water the plants, make your bed, go for walk. Lastly, eat healthy for an active lifestyle. You can’t just do it if you aren’t feeding your system with dense nutrition. 
  8. Calorie counting An average woman needs about 1500-1800 calories but a lactating mother post-pregnancy needs an additional of 300-400 calories for fuelling sufficient breast milk supply and keeping her body’s nutritional needs intact. Consuming more calories than your body’s need will end up in gaining weight. Calorie counting and managing a sustainable calorie intake can work on your body fat. Weight loss after pregnancy can be carefully managed by eating more proteins, reducing carbs, doing moderate to heavy (if recommended) exercises and staying hydrated at all times. 
  9. Healthy Snacking – It’s time to make wise choices, for better, for good. Replace those sodium inflated namkeens and potato chips with sliced apples and peanut butter, hummus and carrots, a handful of nuts and trail mix. You could also relish prunes, peas, peanuts or pistachios. Or grab a bowl of berries, papaya, olives, almond and some yoghurt. Swap your bowl and see the change for weight loss post-pregnancy. 
  10. Follow an exercise schedule Ever heard of a body clock? Our body adapts to changes fast. But if you alter too much, the body gets confused. So, make a plan, pick it and stick to it. Whether it’s yoga & floor exercises, strength training or cardio or bodyweight training, whatever you choose to reduce, affirm to do it, follow a schedule, encourage yourself, motivate your body, energize your mind and be an example for others. Being consistent could bring a change in your post-pregnancy weight. Be a mom who can inspire new mommies and share your success stories with the world. 

It isn’t easy, but it isn’t as tough if you are game!