Hey mom, you were not alone in the pandemic

While the world is fighting the covid 19 pandemic, there is another pandemic much heard of and less spoken about which is rifting many relationships apart and that is household chores.

One of the biggest negatives of the lockdown is that it has fostered a lot of friction within the family, between couples, with mother in law or sister in law amongst others.
All of us have an increased workload and no support system to ease our burden and stress. Everyone is frustrated and the result is deteriorating relationships.

Not just this, there is a tremendous rise in domestic violence cases and name-calling. It’s worrisome to read and see the shattering consequences.
Seems like, we are headed in the wrong direction with no roadmap to guide us through.

The only way to sail through this phase is the fair distribution of household work, until that is done, this pandemic wouldn’t subside. We will continue to burn out and permanently impair the environment and the relationships around us.

We must realise that our most loving relationships are at stake and accusations will only hamper it further. Instead, sit down, divide and work on. So what, if we don’t get along with some family members, we all can learn to co-exist. Isn’t it?

It’s easier said than done, but it’s doable. It’s doable for a better tomorrow and for the larger good. So let’s get our act together, take each day as it comes, do our bit and forget the rest. We are all responsible for our actions and things that are beyond our control, must not be reached out for. Hold on to what you have, keep it close to you and don’t let it go because of circumstances that won’t last for long. Embrace the uncertainty and give yourself space to make mistakes.

If the workload is divided, it won’t leave any room for arguments and discussions. Doing this will not just help you get some free time, but shall also keep you sane. Remember mental health is as important as physical health.

Hence, take charge of yourself now and magic is sure to happen.