How I dealt with tantrums & meltdowns

Tantrums come in all shapes and sizes. Now, that the kids are homebound, mood swings are on the rise. Although, these patterns are a normal part of growing up, temper tantrums become stressful for us to handle at times.
We often give in to their demands as that is the easiest way to stop a temper tantrum. But this isn’t the best strategy for the long run. It might do more harm than good. And yes, I can say that confidently today.

As a mother, I have gone through many such situations, where my toddler has gone out of control. But with time, I’ve realised, it isn’t something to be embarrassed about. We just need to deal with it more tactfully.

Here are some ways that has helped me diffuse a temper tantrum and am hoping these steps may help all you moms as well.

✔️ Keep your own temper in check. You’re not going to get anywhere with your child if both of you are screaming at each other.

✔️Avoid spanking or hitting. It will only make the tantrum worse.

✔️ Distract. This will work wonders as it’s easy to divert them with something that they like or enjoy. Light humour is something that can help get the child’s mind off. Tell a joke, tickle or make a funny face, just cheer them up.

✔️ Allow your child to take her favourite toy item with him/her each time you step out. It keeps them occupied.

✔️ Set expectations right before leaving the home. Communicate and tell your child gently that you love him/her but that you’re not going to give what he/she wants at the supermarket or elsewhere. So, this prepares the child before hand.

Let’s not forget, happy parents makes happy children.