Making lives easier with homeschool timetable

Homeschooling can be a very fun experience for children if we establish a routine for them.
Getting a toddler on a schedule is a bit of a challenge. Every child needs some consistency to his/ her day, a predictable sequence that lets them explore the world without any worry. A simple timetable here can do the trick.
Not asking to live your life by the clock. Having a steady sequence of activities is important, but don’t stress about precise timing. A bit of delay is expected and quite normal as they are too young to follow exact instructions. The kids may also seem a lil distracted in the beginning, so do not lose your cool. Everything takes its own sweet time, this too shall. Allow them to accept and welcome this change and within a few weeks of establishing a routine, you’ll notice a variety of positive changes such as:

1. Your toddler will feel more capable and confident of doing the activities on his own
2. You won’t have to struggle with bed time routine. Once the child starts to practice everything as per a set time he or she will fall asleep at a designated time everyday
3. Your child becomes more adaptable to do different things
4. Leaves less room for meltdowns and tantrums as the child’s mind gets occupied in a variety of activities laid out for him/her
5. Most importantly it will help moms get through the day a bit more smoothly. Isn’t that what all moms want?

Every family is different and it would be difficult to have a similar schedule. Some parents might prefer an early bed time and some a bit late depending upon their work patterns.
The best schedule is whatever schedule works for you and your kids. The idea is not to judge anyone but to motivate to create one. Include a variety of craft activities, numbers, writing, exercises, stories, freeplay and fun stuff. A good mix is vital for an all round development of the child. A DIY activity once a week would also be a great idea to allow the child create  something and gain a hands on experience. Wholesome learning is the key.
The beauty of homeschooling is it’s flexibility.Giving kids the freedom to choose what they are learning at any given time makes them more motivated to learn at home during the Coronavirus lockdown. In addition, it makes learning more exciting and interactive.
So what are you waiting for, make yours and see the difference in the long run!