Handling teacher troubles for preschoolers

Is it the teacher or the kid?

Some incidents in your child’s life can leave a scar on his mind forever.

Are you also witnessing something unusual in your little one’s school routine but are still ignoring the signs?

Many parents have come off this belief that the “teacher is always correct”.

I am writing on this crucial topic because education has evolved in the past few years. A good teacher is a friend a toddler may always wish to go back and connect with. But a stressed, frustrated teacher who has been doing the job just for the heck is a real sign of warning for every parent.

The level of expectations we have from the educational institutions seem justified in comparison to the hiking fees. Yet one has the freedom to choose the school but not the teacher.

A lot of ground can be lost in a year, and it is definitely your right to demand a positive, cheerful quality experience for your child. One of my close friend’s teacher suggested her that her little one runs in the class and can get hurt. The next day she pointed out saying she spilled the saw dust. This was the beginning and she had number of reports to give if the mother asked for feedback. The first rule to send the child to a play school is that the teacher takes the charge to discipline the child. I had met the child and she is an extremely well-behaved and well-settled baby. While her friends in class were very hyper active and mischievous. This incident kept bothering the mother’s psyche.

In another incident, the teacher did not let the 2.5 years to eat her lunch as she got a slice of cake, which the school perhaps considered to be unhealthy. The child was sent back with a note in her dairy.

If you too send your preschooler to a play school or day care be attentive for the blame game.

Most parents get feedbacks about the child being naughty and his behaviour. But often a cooperative teacher reacts differently and holds the class discipline in her own hands. The idea to send the toddler to the play school is to reform his personality in a shining way. Do not wait until the issue is out of control.

Constant reminder of behaving well to a toddler can harm his social development. An ideal teacher will work with the parents and not battle against them. Observe the rapport the teacher has with other kids and their parents.

You may ask the teacher to channelize the child’s energy and find ways with activities to handle moments of attention seeking. Don’t look for quick fix. Get your spouse to discuss the matter and visit the teacher. Take constant follow up on teacher so that she knows you have been concerned and aware of the unhealthy reposting procedure.

At most, when teachers become adamant and complaining, reach to the principal and get your child’s section changed.  This will allow your chikd to witness anew beginning.

A toddler is sent to school for pure play and when the moderators become too judgemental of his acts, the parents must wake up to its truthfulness.