Preschool Checklist – Everything you need for the first day at school!

Hurray! The schools begin. For many parents it’s the first time and the most special one. All parents await this beautiful day to see their offspring begin the school. And the first day is just like the first love of life. In the hustle bustle of doing big things for our little ones, we often forget the little must-dos. Â We agree that the parents are anxious and nervous at the same time. However, a little effort towards smart planning can keep you mentally at bay. Trust us!

Follow our simple “first day at school” checklist for preschoolers, kindergarten or nursery school kids.
School labels :
It’s just too much for a toddler to answer the first day about his belongings. Never leave a room for teachers to tell you this. Carefully label bags, diary, bottles, shoes for your child. If you are creative, get your hands on and get the labels printed for your child with his favourite cartoon character.
ID Card :
Ensure you pin up an identity card on your child with details of phone numbers and residence. It makes life easy for everyone taking care of your kid at school.
Set of clothes :
This one is no debate. Kids can run into unexpected emergencies. Keeping a pair of extra clothing is just a saviour along with a diaper.
Sipper/Bottle :
The most important of all. It’s the very first day and the first hours of the day can be exhausting for your child. To make sure he is hydrated, send a water bottle he can recognise as his own and is comfortable using that.
Snack Box :
A favourite fruit, home made potato fritters, idli or any thing your child likes can be a good for the first day. Eventually all mommies know what their kids enjoy to eat at school. But just keep it healthy!
Diary :
You are too keen to know what the teacher wants to say? SO are the teachers! School diary is the best medium between the what they want to say and what you wish to hear.
Wake-up Early :
Last but not the least. If you wish to discipline your child, start from day one. Good habits go a long way. Perhaps we have heard this one since we were kids “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.