5 New Year’s party ideas for kids

Mommy and daddy, kids know it’s their New Year too. And all they want is to have some fun just like you. We suggest you bring their friends all to one place and make the most of this New Year’s Eve.

1. Make a Piñata ball

Kids love bursting things and piñata is one activity they love. Kids can paint and decorate it as well. Load it up with lots of candies and confetti, treats and goodies. The best way to bring in the new year’s is by letting the kids bang open the piñata at 12, midnight. See them jump in joy with all things that come from the piñata.

2. Build a scrapbook for the year

Start from scratch with a plain scrapbook. Get creative with your child. Allow him to draw and decorate the way he/she likes. Let there be the child’s personal touch. Collect your favourite memories and paste pictures into your scrapbook. Share with everyone in the family.

3. Throw a slumber party

If your kids are as kicked about slumber parties as to the others, there couldn’t be a better moment to have one. The new year is a good time to have a relaxing affair. So, nothing better than being easy in pyjamas, bringing in pillows, blankets and crashing together as a family.

4. Bake, bake, bake!

Never heard of a child who is not excited about baking at home. Give way to their sensory skills and culinary talent as the year ends. Get set your sprinklers, chocolate chips and whiskers. It sure will be messy but so worth it!

5. Scavenger Hunt

You know your kid’s favourite toys and things that make them happy. Hide the stuff they love, give clues about where it can be, remind them of a memory that comes along with that toy. Or if you like going loud, arrange for all noise-making party supplies. Have the kids find them all. It’s going to be the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had.