New mamma goals

Hello New Mamma!!

Making adjustments to your new role as a mommy is hard. Yes, yes it is. And no magical support can bury this truth or erase the hardships. Nevertheless, finding your sanity while sailing in this boat is the most honest way to it right now.

Walking through these major life changes has taught me to live in the moment. I now embrace myself for what I ought to have in my life. I may be struggling, complaining but I am ready to endorse my version of motherhood.

How I could do this?

✔️ Acceptance: Get that mind prepared, tell your body, explain your heart, the change is real and you gotta accept it all with a smile. You gotta outshine all imperfections. This is the life of real moms.

✔️ Embrace: Stop that hue and cry about your body. That waistline doesn’t take over your struggles. You are more than a number on that scale. You have a beautiful chapter to begin, embrace and hug every letter you write in.

✔️ Set in your daily rhythm: There’s something that’s 100% going to work for you and your baby. Find that out. Build on patterns that emerge from your happiness and keeps your baby elated.

✔️ Sleep: Do you ever get enough sleep after having a baby? No, you don’t. But you gotta work towards this goal. A sleep deprived mother can act so frustrated without even knowing. So, escalate small jobs to family and catch on some sleep.

✔️ No-No to comparisons: This lifetime, this journey is truly yours. Don’t let your inhibitions make them a victim to someone’s life. Every mom writes her own story. We don’t know what that mom did to be like that, so let’s just do our bit with all our hearts.