She was my baby’s nanny, but she had dreams too.

Pooja, with big beautiful eyes and stark features like any other female would look hailing from Kolkata, knocked my door.

But, she wasn’t just any other female and that was my only wrong judgement. I was stressed, overworked, over pumped and by now depression was hitting me right in the face after the delivery. And all this only to return home and discover that I had no support. My husband and I were solely handling my 14 days old daughter and all I could wish that someone walked in to change my world.

Pooja did exactly that. She blended into my life like sugar does in milk. I could see that this girl who was barely at an age to give birth is handling my baby like a pro. She had a skill which I probably was learning to pick up all this while. It was patience.

What a relief it was to see my child grow with such a positive support system with my baby’s nanny. To bathe her, feed her, rock her to sleep was now happiness. I still tremor the nights I did it single handedly.

I always heard my friends complaining about their baby nannies and I sweared to god that I was truly blessed. She considered chores like her duty and not as a burden.

My daughter’s half birthday was just last week.
It was a Sunday morning, she walked up to me and said, I need 2 weeks off bhabhi. I was speechless. I dreaded spending a day without her and it felt, she demanded my life.

“Are you not happy here?”, I asked.

“Bhabhi mujhe padhna hai. Mere first year ke exams hai, she muttered politely.” (I too wish to study. I have to write my first year exams.)

I had not a word in my mouth. I turned to look at my daughter who was sleeping in her cot. I imagined what could it be for her if didn’t let your chose to be when she grows up. I had my answer.

I let Pooja go. I challenged the selfish mother inside me who was just clinging on to a temporary purpose of life for someone’s permanent dreams.

That day changed how I pictured those who are less fortunate. However, they aren’t less capable. Like all of us, all of them also have dreams, careers. Like us, they too wish to touch the sky.

Today, Pooja is really happy to be with us and earn for herself while continuing her education. Once she will graduate, we shall support her in every way with the best opportunity.

Do you also have a Pooja at home? Have you asked her about her ambitions? I urge we bridge this gap and be more humane to society and help them educate. Every baby nanny, house help, and even a maid need a chance that you can give. It’s time we become their support system.