Achieving the ‘Right Balance’

Are you trying to juggle too many roles at once? Well, it’s hard to think of anyone who isn’t trying to balance all the critical roles they play in life. Sometimes we all face that difficulty in focusing our time and efforts on those roles that matter most to us. We are constantly stressed and can be easily guilt-tripped for that.  We may end up feeling that we are living an unrewarding life.

So, the only way is to identify the most important roles. Yes, we have to make a choice here, a conscious choice and then determine the real contribution we want to make in each one. Let’s not overestimate our ability to effectively focus on many things at once. Let’s be REAL that no one can play all the parts well at the same time. Choosing to focus on roles that need most attention doesn’t mean all the other roles are unimportant.  It only means to remind ourselves to keep the most important roles on top of our mind and act on them. Prioritising is the key and once we do that, we will be able to better see which roles need the most attention at any given time.

Some roles are with us for lifelong and some keep changing with time. Once we identify our roles, we need to give our best to it. Our time and energy need to be thoughtfully be put to it. This will not only lead us to achieve a great sense of balance but also help us build richer and meaningful relationships in the future. We will open our mind to new ideas and life will turn out to be more rewarding.

So priority is the key. Giving time to the roles and not tasks that need the most attention at any time is the way forward . And remember that no one can teach us how to live our roles, only we can decide to do that based on our values. This can be a great way to ensure we have an overall balance in the long run. Not just that, it will positively impact our health and emotional well being and above all it will give life a PURPOSE. We are the designers of our own life, let’s choose wisely and do our bit well!

In the end, finding that balance between all the critical roles in your life is up to you. It’s just a matter of determining what needs to come first.