7 positive tips for 7 days of the week

It takes small steps to reach bigger goals. Before throwing yourself at life every morning, follow these 7 inspiration tips to get through the day smoothly. Get into practice and experience a beautiful and positive change in your life.

1. Practice gratitude – As soon as you wake up, that split second before you even open your eyes —
Be thankful that you woke up. Before you even pop out of the bed just think of all the things you are grateful for right in that moment. This will change your attitude towards life and for the better. By making this a habit, we can bring our brain back to the positive, getting it to refocus on the good things that are happening and the people who are truly valuable in our lives.

2. Breathe/meditate – Breathing and meditation are vital to lead a healthy life. If just a few mins of your day, can be dedicatedly put towards doing some simple breathing exercises, it is sure to bring some positivity, calmness and awareness of all the good things into your life.

3. Laugh a lot, it costs nothing – Laughter is truly the best medicine. We all need to laugh. And since mornings can be such a struggle for some of us, make it your aim to have some moments of joy before your day really starts.

4. Feed your mind with positivity – What you put in your mind is as important as what you’re putting in your mouth. If you don’t watch what you let into your mind then you are allowing negativity to grow and spread. The strength of your mind depends on what you feed it. Nurture your mind with positive thoughts and only good things will come of it. A well-fed mind won’t only make you happy today, but it will also make you more capable tomorrow to guard your mind.

5. Move your body – Since you have been lying still for several hours, it’s important to get the body moving. Simple stretches, rolls and  exercises will make your mind and body feel more alert and active.

6. Have something to look forward – A delicious cup of liquid gold – Coffee, tea, smoothie whatever that you enjoy the most. This can act as an instant mood uplifter and brace you up for the day ahead.

7. Do not grab your phone first thing – Glancing at your phone first thing in your morning can leave you feeling anxious. Make sure to wake up on the positive side of life.

What better way to start the day right?
The morning is what sets the tone for your day. Take inspiration from these tips and your morning is sure to begin more happy and relaxed, greatly increasing your chances of a very productive day!