Confession of my biggest parenting learning

That midnight was making me uneasy of something I had been retrospecting for a while. It was time for me to accept that I was wrong for once. 

Parenting is definitely not easy when you have ten tasks to juggle with at the same moment. Being a mother you do not only have to mother the child, but also sometimes the father. In the process of proving yourself, you lose yourself. And the same happened with me. I have been doing up with household & baby chores, baby care, washing, exclusive breast feeding and everything a home would run on.

In a day from the diary of those days with my little one, I put her on a couch and turned to grab something right at the reach of my arm.
But my assumption proved wrong. She fell with a thud on the floor. That was her first fall and my first rise as a mother.

Apart from your spouse or family offering you suggestions to watch the child first, when multitasking you cannot explain your plight. It’s sad but hard to understand that to serve the family first, you sometimes keep the child on second priority. The attitude “it’s okay, I will do it” sometimes hits us back too hard. And this is all I want to confess today. Life schedules have become such that we unknowingly prioritise things and take everyday a little for granted.

For example you must have noticed, the first day you would have breastfed your baby or the first meal you made for him, isn’t the same everyday. Routines become repetitive and monotonous as moms face issues with postpartum, weight, depression, epidural aches, obesity and many more. Amidst everything, we do forget that the baby would not remain an infant forever. He will outgrow the first years like a wind. Agree or disagree, but as a mother, we are more responsible for our acts than the father of the little one. Because our acts will be recognised and so will they be judged and criticised too. Be cautious at all times, even 100% attention and care for the little one is also never enough.

Parenting learnings can be many but learning from it is a way to rise and shine as parents and become better each day.