The new fad – smart devices, gaming and gadget addiction amongst children.

Pacifiers. We are sure all you mommies know when to use and where just when the baby wants. But, ever heard of modern pacifiers? Yes they do exist. They are even smarter versions and quicker solutions for when your baby throws tantrums. A smart phone is termed as a modern pacifier in today’s world.

Ever scene a parent juggling between tasks with an attention demanding baby anywhere at a mall or restaurant. The quick solution is offering your mobile phone to distract the child.

While we are thankful to the technological advancements that are growing at a rapid pace, we are also inviting a lot of trouble for the children. The growing fad of new gadgets, smart phone devices and gaming addiction have been on a fleeting rise.

As the technology advances so does our need and dependence. Whether to keep ourselves entertained or to kill boredom or to actually work, they come to our rescue. We feel completely out of place without our gadgets or smart phones. They influence the way we think, speak, behave and live our lives. The impact is irreversible.

Don’t be amazed. When we adults are so hooked, what do we expect from our lil ones? They for sure will imitate us and inculcate the same habits as ours. The only way we can stop them is to first stop ourselves. The change begins at home.

We need to stop them from over abusing the usage of technology beyond one limit. Limited exposure to these at a tender age will make them more active and aware of the outside world. Making them watch a tablet or television or phone is the most easiest and convenient way to distract them but the most harmful as well. The adverse effects of over usage of these gadgets not just affects their physical health but their mental well being as well. The various gaming disorders that most kids are dealing with are a matter of great concern for parents these days.

We need to enroll them into interesting and mindful activities, games, expose them to an outside environment such as an open playground or play area. It’s upsetting to see their playgrounds are transforming to virtual and not real anymore.

Here are some ways we can encourage them to indulge in outside play and reduce their addiction towards these smart devices.

1. Parents are the best examples to their children. The kids look up to them for everything. Hence be a good one.

2. Follow a strict schedule to limit the use of these devices. They should be exposed to them only during their free time for a brief period and not whenever they wish to.

3. Encourage outdoor play and motivate them to take part in various activities and games. This will not only help them stay fit and active, but also promote and improve creative thinking and play.

4. Spend quality time with them – It’s very important to be involved in your child’s life. The is the only way you can understand their needs and curb the use of these devices by teaching the art of moderation.

5. No technology during meal time. This is the most unhealthy habit. Encourage them to eat with you on the dining table with the entire family, terming it to be family time.

6. No gadgets at their convenience. Avoid putting TV or gadgets in the child’s room as it will not only hamper their sleep time but their daily schedule.

changes are always good to build a happier life. If we adhere to our schedules and promises, we are sure to help and save us and our children from the hazardous effects it may have on our mind and body both.

Going tech-free is not a day’s job. But a gradual change has even more everlasting impact. Cheers to a happy and healthy lifestyle! 😊