Mums who take their kids shopping

This is a serious read below.


It’s not very often that you get lucky by leaving your kids at home with the baby sitter. But when you do, you must thank god once. And for all mummers who go on a shopping spree with their kiddos, we salute you women!

Women have serious dedication when it comes to shopping. Perhaps they can wait a while before their outbursts of emotions, but well it’s never worth waiting to go for shopping. Sometimes we mommies are so time-crunched and frustrated with our daily chores that we pile on the baby bag and carry our little ones to shopping. Well, wrong idea.


This shopping day turns out to be rather adventurous than being an indulgent one. Hence, we do wish to remind you why you must say bye-bye to babies before you plan your next trip to the mall. Because:


#You don’t want your kid to destroy the displays and people giving you looks

#Just when you hit the trial room, hear them say pee, pee and they want to poop as well

#You will hate when your child goes flat on the floor demanding things he already has

#Pretending it’s all ok when your kid wants to buy the whole of Hamley’s

#Getting frustrated to see them push their own empty stroller. Who sits in those?

#Just when it goes out of hands. Going up & down the escalators. It’s their play zone!

#Energy levels have gone low. I am tired and its time to carry me mommy

#Hear them cry at their noisiest best when you take a bite from their fries. Ahhhhh!!

#Thinking you’ll clean up the showroom after your LO spills his popcorn on the floor

#Don’t go crazy finding car keys in the bag, you just forgot to take them out of the car

#Thinking what a bad idea this was? No No wait till you repeat it again!

#Managed to reach home, only to discover you forgot what you went to buy. Arghhh!