Playdates are ideal for language, communication and self-confidence building, say experts

Experts say, kids, learn faster and respond quickly when they are amongst their peer groups. The fact is that kids learn from one another.


In recent times, play dates have become an integral part of the child’s growing up years. Just as it’s fun for the child, it’s refreshing for the mums too.

There is a growing need for play date groups and clubs in today’s society. Since childhood has become confined within the walls of the house, there’s no outdoor play and expression of thought for our kids. Unlike the days before, however much we try we cannot get our kids those summer days of fun we had in our backyards.

Playdates are ideal to bring together children of the same age to do interesting activities. These dates not only promote a happy and healthy environment for fun and learning but also develop and enhance the gross motor and sensory skills of children. It’s essential to have age-appropriate toys on these play dates as it certainly helps them indulge in the right kind of play.

Moms consider play dates to be excellent to watch how kids react, respond and communicate with their peers. Mommies also have a role to play. Then just being there for your outing, you may take the protocol on how the hours can be formalised. It could mean that a prior schedule can be set for play and snack time. From a lot of groups, we have heard, the mothers also restrict the screen time during such play dates or many even refrain from getting their kids to watch videos to promote more interaction.

For single kids, playdates are perfect in every way too. Couples who stick to the one-child policy also have given “play dates” a very strong existence. If things go well, these associations become more family than friends. Growing nuclear family systems in countries across the world are forcing parents to find a like-minded company for themselves and their LO. And why not? Well, we all are needy of social life.

We believe, sharing and learning only multiplies when two little brains come together.
If you’ve been a part of some, we’re sure your kids have a blast. For the others, do we say, it’s time to experience one?