New age attention seekers!

We all love attention, don’t we?

Our very own children enjoy all our outpour of love, pampering, support all the time. They so know that especially mothers are their go-to person for everything in life, at any time of the day. Isn’t that a good thing? What more could a mother want than her own creation confide in her? Sometimes it’s not. Too much attention can sometimes be misleading making the child fussy, and more dependable.

Kids have this inherent ability to derive undivided attention from their loved ones in not one but many ways. Crying, yelling, throwing tantrums, they make their way through it. And we as parents do give up many a times.

We as parents often forget why giving so much attention can lead to problems that we do not envisage at the present stage. We are the guiding force in our child’s life and are responsible to a large extent in shaping up their personality. And hence we must take charge of it as early as possible.

Giving attention doesn’t mean we fall prey in everything that the child desires to do, it means to counsel him/her through and leave alone the child to do complete the remaining task. We often mistake our child’s own expectation when he or she reaches out to us. We go overboard and miss out on that moment of pause. Hence, we shouldn’t protrude in everything that our child does. We must learn to let them be and shine out in their own way.

We are mistaken, that they need us at every step and we must shower all our attention when our child comes running to us. This is where we go wrong. They are learning their way out and will come out brighter if we allow them to be. We must encourage them, and make them brave each time they fall down though our words and actions. And yet again, like many other they will surprise us. Remember to clap each time he or she falls down literally so that they emerge stronger. Don’t be eager to hug and console yet.

This way we will not just mould them into stronger individuals but will help them discover their own inner strength at this tender age.  As parents, let’s ensure that seeking attention should become their strength and not their weakness. They should look up to us for support and recognition and not just mere attention!