Why a high chair is your baby’s best companion?

When my little one was born, I became a research maniac thinking with what age my baby will need this stroller, the pram, the bouncy and so much more. And then there was the most wisest decision of all times.

My decision for the high chair was a win-win!

The idea of a high chair for me was not only to comfort my baby, but to comfort myself first. A stressed mom can never make a happy baby. And the daily chores of feeding, playing, communicating with your child go next level with this man-made wonder. While I was deciding on how this should be incorporated with the daily routine, there was no question of managing my day without it. Usually mommies invest their sweat and blood in their baby’s care all at the cost of their own health. With such hectic lifestyles, backaches and cervical post breastfeeding have become so common. We need better solutions.

A high chair is discovery of all times. Letting your tiny one sit right across you at your multipurpose table. You could just eat, chop veggies, read a paper, put some paint on nails, everything while your toddler just watches you in his comfort.  Forget not, the chair from all brands comes with a front table that let your child have some finger food right in the front. That’s not all, it is sturdy equipment which can be converted at various stages as your baby grows and can become a booster to be used on the dining chair. This is wonderful a gift you can ask your loved ones to gift as well.

Well! No surprises. We don’t want those overrated dolls and play gyms again. So next time when someone asks what you would like your baby to be gifted, don’t forget to mention the high chair.

This equipment builds your baby’s gross motor skills and helps in sensory development too. As you lay material for sorting in his front tray, allow him to feel his food, his toys and anything that your child finds interesting. Take a deep breath and relax now.