Saying good bye to curves after pregnancy

While being pregnant and putting those additional kilos brings immense happiness at a point, there are some worries attached to it too.

“I’m getting fat, and I’m loving it.” We all have gone through this phase with no point in regret. But yes once we deliver our child, there’s a constant worry attached to our body which rather disturbs our mental state of mind. This perhaps hampers our gifted time for our baby.

Remember, it’s important to feel eased out and love yourself.

Perhaps, women are made conscious at every stage of life. At first, they are encouraged to conceive with only being told later that they don’t look the same. Some women indeed start working on this worrisome issue from the time of their pregnancies. They watch their palate very carefully and eat right amount that will help them stay better postpartum. While many are lean and blessed with bodies that infact do not announce about their delivers.

“Caution” for those who have been taking pregnancies to just put on weight as a sign of good weight gain. You need to be mindful of what you are eating after delivering.

Say no to anything cold
The age old tested formula of having hot jeera, ajwain water have always proved beneficial. It cleanses our body and jeera boosts in producing milk. Your body needs to detoxify after minimum for 40 days these long 9 months and anything going in with a cold temperature only stops the body to function the natural way.

Get up and help yourself
We all need some good rest to recover but this should not let you become a slave to resting. Small tasks for baby and household chores can keep you active and help you get back in shape faster. Be careful to not bend and exert yourself too hard.

Plan your quarter
Once the baby is out you will be on a rollercoaster and smart moms always know how to plan up things in advance. If you have an office to join back or your personal setup to begin with, a planned move is always better. We suggest you plan your 3 months ahead. Most moms on a dipstick said they were sure to begin yoga/gymming for weight loss once their baby is at least a quarter.

Know your surroundings
Being with people who can motivate you is the best you can do for yourself. You are a new mommy and visitors will have a thousand opinions to give. The house helpers also have their ideologies and so do the mother-in-laws. It’s best to know what your body signals you. If after a c-sec the body is responding slow to recovery, its best to take ample rest. Remember, you are the best judge and would know what exercise would suit your body type after the procedure.

Good luck fellow mommies!