The Joys of Motherhood

Someone quoted it well, I am getting fatter and I am loving it.

Women are blessed.
And most of them realize this when their wombs get a life. This life is what she once dreamt. But it is certainly a part more emotional than ever, more challenging than she forecasted and more heart-clenching to ever let it go. Yet there’s nothing that can come her way to reach this supreme bond of love.

Being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling and being a mom is a feeling truly unspeakable. A million mothers would agree to this, Being a mom has given them the most special reason to love selflessly. It has let us become more patient, more mature making us a true learner in every possible way. What motherhood has done to me, even love couldn’t.

The first time you see your baby in operation theatre, goosebumps run down your body and happy tears roll down. Life is never going to be same after this moment. This is when the birth of a mother happens inside you. That first touch of your baby makes your pregnancy every worth.

The journey gets larger from here on. As a mother you definitely have a bigger roleplay for the child. Your presence is unspoken. Babies look up to their mothers as their pillar of strength. And moms know it all. They take a leap of faith and expect their moms would conceive their thoughts. So, that’s why when you look at babies making funny faces, confused or boggling their eyes out, you know whom to ask.

I have met a few mothers in the past and happen to realize one thing in common; all wanted to become mothers. Most women excitingly look forward to their journey of carrying a womb of emotions. And why not, its something every lady should do. After all feminism has some advantages. But it demands a lot to be a mom. It demands to almost take a new birth. I know when I got pregnant, the whole world around me revolved. There came all the goods, bads, lows and highs as I completed my most emotional journey. Little I knew how to go with it, but time and my swelling belly taught me my ways.

“To each his own”, the same way, motherhood is nothing but a journey only you can write for yourself.