Things nobody told me about motherhood

For many new mums, motherhood does come along with a mixed bag of emotions.

They say there is no bigger joy than to see your own beautiful creation in your arms. It is true indeed. But it does have a shelf life too. The feeling often subsides when you are a ‘live alone couple’.

Family is an anchor when times are rough. And if you have them by your side, the journey becomes easier. Unfortunately my journey couldn’t manage to get enough of them ; their love and support. Moving back to a different city came across as the most challenging part. With almost negligible help, motherhood took a ride to crazy-hood on several days. Not just emotionally, it got physically challenging to manage and streamline all tasks. Days got tougher and I was found juggling in to bring back sanity in my life.

There is so much one goes through once you deliver a baby, some say hormonal changes, some say emotional changes and some say something else. But the truth is, its a whole new role changer that brings along a huge responsibility, one that you can’t shy away from. Life becomes demanding, more than what one expects out to be thereafter.

And like any mother, suddenly, you tend to struggle with time. You’re more vulnerable to most things. You give up each day as it unfolds.

But as you embrace your lil one closely, you raise yourself even higher after that by constantly reminding and making your own self realise that it’s only me who can take utmost care of my child, it’s only me who can feed her and comfort her, it’s only me who can love her unconditionally.

You know the beauty of motherhood is that we women know it all. And no matter how back breaking the task is, no matter how many sleepless nights are parked ahead, no matter how many meals will have to be skipped, there is indeed no greater joy than holding your lil one in your arms and seeing the spark of happiness in their eyes.

Hence, mothers must know times are going to be harder ahead and we’re going to experience a zillion emotional meltdowns, patience and perseverance are the two quick fixes that will help us sail through. If we allow it to be a struggle it will be one, if we make it a joyride, it might turn out to be one indeed.

So mommies as I found my ways, you shall too, just hold on because life is beautiful ahead!

And to all the new mums…more power to you!