5 Micro-Habits to Become a Better Parent

Parenting is no easy deal, and parenting style varies from person to person, as every child is different. However, there are a few things that all parents should practice, and these are micro-habits to become better parents. 

Here are 5 micro-habits that you can practice. 

Acknowledge your child’s feelings

A child’s feelings are important to them, and hence you must acknowledge their feelings. Even if you feel that their feelings are illogical or unjustified, discuss such emotions with them, but always acknowledge their feelings. 

Greet them with a smile

A child needs a lot of affection while growing up. Greeting them with a smile will make them feel more at home. It instils the perception that they are wanted at home, and their parents are always happy to see them. 

Little appreciations go a long way

Children always seek the approval of their parents. To a child, parents’ appreciation and approval mean the world. Hence, when your child draws a pretty picture, appreciate them. Even if they get an 8/10, get them ice cream as a token of appreciation. Your appreciation is their encouragement.

Let them choose

Parents often complain of their child’s rebellious nature. This won’t happen if you don’t throttle them. Give them a choice to make their own decision. If you want them to do something, place it before them in the form of a suggestion. This micro-habit will make your child a calm, collected, and confident human who can take the responsibility for their actions later in their life. 

Treat them with respect

Treating your child with respect is perhaps the most important aspect of parenting. You are teaching them to be respectful towards others by being an example for them. This is one of the best habits to become a good parent and raise your kid in the right way.