5 most effective hacks for raising twins

What’s better than bringing a life into this world? Bringing two of them together! As sweet as it may sound, raising toddler twins can be quite a daunting task. Well, we are happy to help, and hence, today, we bring you the 5 most tried and tested tips from twin moms that will help you ace your #twin mommy game.  

Time Tables and Checkboxes

Toddlers are at their primary growing stage, and twins can be big trouble if not under supervising eyes. Plan out a schedule and make your kids habitual to it gradually. Draw it on a big board with bright colours, so it doesn’t feel like a chore. 

From changing diapers to feeding them, it’s a great life hack for moms of toddler kids. So the fun stays, and you don’t go crazy.

Preventing the identical dilemma 

Don’t worry, it’s common during the early days of twin parenting. Try to know them better individually, so you get familiar with their cries and movements. It is one of the most crucial twin mom hacks. So, even if it’s time taking, it will help you a great deal. Make them wear soft batches, embroidery initials on their caps or try out other fun ways.

Handling their hunger pangs together 

You can start with the habit of twin breastfeeding. As the babies grow, keep their bottling, feeding, and snacktime in sync, so it’s easier for you to keep their hunger in check. Remember babies who feed together, feed their bellies well.


One of the traditional life-hacks for moms of toddler kids is to sleep-train them. Hiring a sleep specialist or having a nanny or a family member might be the best option for your twin babies. With their nap times assorted, you will get better sleep, as there won’t be any late-night wake-ups anymore.

Advice never goes wrong. Reach out to other twin parents. Learn about their experience, how they handled their twins throughout the toddler age. This is one of the simplest life hacks for twins mothers that no one tells you.

Happy twin parenting!