Pandemic made me the sibling my child needed

Wearing all the hats can be really exhausting sometimes but if there’s one thing truly amazing about being a mom is that you are never bored. A mom has to be everything to her child.

We become a doctor to their boo-boo big or small and then their all-time chauffeur shuttling from school to swimming class, to dance etc. and back home again. From being their first teacher to a chef who carefully prepares each meal to keep the kids healthy, we are most trusted by them.

Outdoor restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic imposed have been hard on us and our children. Children need other children to play with but unfortunately, they are missing out on these vital opportunities. In the absence of siblings and friends, I’m the only FRIEND to my daughter these days. Therefore I make sure to keep a spirit of positivity and fun alive as this is the only way to make the current situation feel less daunting and isolating.
Books, stories, lego, fun activities, writing, craft, doodling, painting, exercise and lots and lots of play are things we do it all together, happily in each other’s company.

It is not an easy time, uncertainty may keep all of us thinking for longer than usual but it’s important to understand that this is for the greater good.
Until, everything comes back to how it was, there is no harm in looking at the brighter side and considering this phase as an opportunity to create lasting memories for our children.
My fellow moms, it’s very essential to ensure that both you and your kids are in a happy mind space.

Children will remember the pandemic as a crisis only if you make them feel it. So, engage together in whatever you do and be the best playmate to your child. Let your child discover a new friend in you.