Hands-on activities to bond with your daughter

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My daughter brings joy to my journey. Perhaps, at all odd times, making me laugh, wiping my tears and bringing me back to the present. Inevitably, I feel so blessed to have been sent this little lady who understands me like no other. No human in my life has read me so well. I want to make crazy memories with her that we admire when we are old, really really old. So, each time when we sit down together in comfort, she just reminds me that she’s growing up to be just like her momma. And, the things we do together is just so us.

Make a note of it for your next Sunday plan!

* We talkWe chatter for hours and hours. Trust me, she can talk about anything under the sun. Daughters are like that. They are our true little versions.

* We have a tradition – We have and so can you. Plan to come up with a tradition/ritual that you and your child do together. Like monthly movie dates at home, piggy bank collection counting, getting clicked the same way on every birthday, interviewing your child or walking up the hills every summer. It lets them find their way back home when they grow up.

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* We bake together – It does end me up being in a very messy kitchen but leaves me with stronger memories, fun chats and a yummy bake.

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* We do a home-spa – I dip, you dip. She wants to ape me. So, I have happily accepted her as my partner for all couple-things like when I want to soak my feet in water or exchange a head massage.

* We sing – Yes, at the top of our lungs. It’s so liberating for her. I can see the revelation and charm on her face. Dance together, sing along. These videos will bring us back later.

* We see old pictures – She pulls down all the stuff on the bed and is extremely curious to know the details behind old photographs. I feel at home with my daughter. She gets the best out of me.