Preventing stretch marks in pregnancy

We all have seen those pre-pregnancy shoots where mothers are pampered in lacy gowns and floral tiaras to make you look a tad beautiful. But our bodies become more real than we can think. Those stretch marks, scars are what we earn through this labour of love. 

Body transformations happen right after delivery when the skin pulls itself back from where it started stretching. Stretch marks are for real. Well, there may be a lucky few who honestly escape clean swipe with their bellies intact, while almost 90% of new mothers get stretch marks. Rapid weight gain during pregnancy and post-partum weight loss leads to stretch marks.

How not to get stretch marks?

  • Start early on – If you are expecting, know that self-care is significant. We are feeding our system well, but the body outside will show changes too. 
  • Oil your belly- A wonderful remedy what has proven beneficial to lakhs of mothers is the virgin coconut oil. This is hands-on the easiest available, affordable and efficient prevention against stretch marks. Start applying this oil liberally around your bump from the onset of the second trimester. 
  • The bio-oil has said to done wonders to many mothers. And as the happiness meter goes, we suggest this one to be a good idea to stick to. 
  • Slather a Vitamin E Body Cream on your body. Make it work as a defence for your skin and ensure you don’t miss the self-care schedule right after you shower.
  • Watch out for those marks in the mirror. Yes! You can spot the stretch marks taking birth. These are thin red lines and have better chances to fade away when treated early. Once this phase gets over, these lines become white stretch marks and become a permanent part of your body. 

And well, if you get them, embrace them because you have birthed beautifully and no one can be you.