5 reasons that affect sex life after having a baby

Sex after baby

Yes! Everything changes once the baby arrives. Sex too.

The incoming of the baby brings in a lot of joy and while both parents are busy showering love on their newborn, they tend to forget the reason they brought the child into this world. “Love” is the first reason why couples have a baby after marriage but it also hits back on the relationship if there’s no emotional understanding between the couple.

The “wife” will not always have the same mood as the husband.

The kind of intimacy and sex life you had right at the beginning of your marriage is going to take a toss after the delivery of your baby. The sooner your husband realises, the more beautiful your relationship will be. And why not because your husband is not the one dealing with all the baby chores throughout the day, it’s you. While that’s enough a reason why your mood will be parked at a different platform than your spouse, it’s important for you to take short breaks. The same environment of doing things non-stop will not leave you to think about any form of self-care or making love.

Your “hormones” start playing the culprit.

there can be months or weeks that you go on sex fasting. This isn’t a problem with you and your husband have similar levels of sexual desires at that point but if your spouse is expecting more out of you, this could affect your marriage. Blame the estrogen or progesterone, a young man might easily take around six months to get back to feeling normal. Many women around this time fall into what we call post-partum depression. While the new mothers are sinking in new changes around her, your scoop of understanding is all she desires.

Breastfeeding wreaks havoc on mothers.

Men cannot imagine what is it to be held by your breasts all day long. Breastfeeding women already feel that their body is being overused. Somebody clinging to you all day and you still expect the person to be readily available for a hot sex in the evening? That’s every man’s dream. It’s gonna take two of you, so plan a day that you both look ahead for with excitement.

Poor support and lack of emotional communication between couples.

They say “it takes a village to raise a child”. Where is the village that you have been looking for? You cannot raise a millennial child alone. Can you? And while you do expect a lot of support from your in-laws it’s not always going to result in the way you desired. This all is going to fall back on you and you will have multiple breakdowns. If you don’t communicate well with your partner the consequences can affect your marriage. Say it, show it, cry it out and be loud about how you feel at the moment to your spouse. A little bit of cuddling and hugging more often will release all the negativities of your tiring day.

Loss of sex drive in young moms.

Hey mom, the truth is that we don’t want to scare you but reasonable research says that many young mums lose interest in sex after the birth of their first child. You will be tired all day and all night. While you may not be alone in this sail, still you should not encourage the outlet of sex drive from your mental psyche.

Let’s not end the story on sex. There are more ways to support each other and bring back the love into the relationship. Communication is the best way to resolve issues. Remember, the new mom needs a heap of emotional support from her spouse and family. She has produced a human and that’s nothing ordinary. It’s perfectly okay for her to not feel the need to have sex. Make way for more cuddles, coffee dates and things that you both commonly love.