Bump & Birth

5 must-do’s during pregnancy!

Welcome to the big thing called “being pregnant”. Now that you have arrived at a phase of life where the world is ready to overload you with their suggestions, tips and similes, we suggest you hear it all yet do what your heart resides in.

We are no great aunts, but we have got 5 things that we feel will make your bumpy ride a walk on air. Read on!

  1. Holiday – If you are not one of the skeptical ones and assure the goodness of your health, Baby-moon is meant for you. As per the changing trends, when couples get pregnant, they do not leave any opportunity to celebrate the news at a place they love. So, may we say the fear of not being able to enjoy the twosome fun once the baby arrives pushes them for a pre-baby vacation? Well, definitely yes!

2. Declutter – Now that you are back from your holiday and been into your most loved pair of jeans, its time to know your inches will grow sooner than you think. Decluttering your wardrobe can be a stress-buster and a must-do before baby arrival. Remember, it’s always the mother first who needs more room for the baby stuff and herself ofcourse. Sort your clothes into bags that you think you will need once you get back to shape. Also, charity works because we know somebody needs it more than us.

3. Diary/Track that bump – Pregnancy Brain is known to be a forgetful one. You will be at ease, yet so puzzled all the time. We suggest you make your checklists for important occasions and track down what’s your baby been up to. This is so much fun to read once your kiddo grows up. Also, a track of your pregnancy can help you to plan your next pregnancy better. Diary can be your best friend around this time

4. Indulge Yourself – If a spa is all what you have been thinking, it’s time to hit one! Carrying the bump is a task in itself and when people are pouring suggestions on you, it’s best to take a break. Massages not only relax your mind and body but also create an ideal baby-mom connect as you spend a good time in dedicatedly enjoying the feeling. Foot, head massages or a simple manicure, pedicure at your closest salon also is a remedy to happier women.

5. Join a Mommy Club – Partnering with a mom-to-be is the most ideal thing you would do to yourself. Despite there being love and understanding between spouses, the anxieties of pregnancy are difficult to explain to husband and in such times other moms-to-be are a boon. Don’t hesitate to pick up a Lamaze class with other moms or may be a yoga session or a Kegel class. Even laughter clubs are great with ladies who come together for a good laugh and share experiences of their belly.


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Breast is Best!

Someone once called breast milk “liquid gold”. And none denied it later.

Breast milk is undoubtedly the best nutrition that you can offer to your newborn. Therefore It’s miraculous to see your baby thrive on your breast milk alone for the first 6 months. There are innumerable health benefits that one receives from the goodness of breastmilk. There may be times when we mothers feel tempted to believe those women who suggest formula feeding is easier to just as good. Or you may worry, that you’re not the type of mother who would succeed in breastfeeding. Yet when you consider how breastfeeding benefits your baby, you will find the strength to overcome any obstacle obstructing your breastfeeding journey. Hence, we should always breastfeed exclusively for 6 months to boost the child’s immunity and protect them from illnesses and infections.
They say, what’s good for the baby is also good for the mothers, when mothers follow the nature’s lead, their own bodies benefits keeping them emotionally and physically intact.

Not just that, breastfeeding strengthens the special bond between the mother and child and promotes a healthy and happy living.

That’s why it’s termed as “Nature’s best food”. Let’s spread this to more women and help them take informed decisions.

1. Always know it is your journey – We women tend to follow what our friends suggest but we advise, let this be your own journey. You decide for yourself if you are up for breastfeeding your baby. The want, the emotion, the fulfilment must come from within. Many would guide you to club it with top feed once a day but this must be on your idea. If your supply is enough and you are not bounded by obligatory routines, breastfeeding is wonderful for you.

2. It’s not the easy way out- Breastfeeding your baby is like a battle for some dealing with supply issues. Yet we support moms who try very hard and battle against all odds. Don’t give up in the middle of the journey. You have to win it. Nothing in life was ever easy.

3. Do not shy away in public- Don’t find options to fill your baby’s hunger only because you are in public. Access every nook and corner to comfort your child and feed him. The mother must first care about her baby. Your idea of breastfeeding in public can change people and make them more supportive for this cause.

4. The most special bond of love- There’s no pure love than of a mom and her baby. Let this love grow. These months give you the joy of the whole process of birthing, giving a life and nurturing a little one. Feel every bit of it in every moment you spend closely.

5. Touch therapy- An unbelievably beautiful touch therapy and healing is “Breastfeeding”. When your child feeds, he/she identifies the mother’s touch, temperature, reflexes and tries to communicate by rubbing in his cheeks with your skin. Give immense space for this sensation to come alive.