What motherhood does, nothing can!

Raising a child isn’t a cake walk but it isn’t as hard as it sounds and seems like.The Indian Moms Club is by the mommies for the mommies. It is a family to celebrate the joys of motherhood. Through our network, we wish to bring the new moms, expecting moms and the experienced ones together. It’s a mom’s club where you can ask questions, share tips, suggestions and stories from your lifestyle. Mommies to be can pour in your queries and have the experienced ones help you, guide you and motivate you.
We believe that giving birth is a power that only we women have, and when all mothers unite, the journey becomes magical.

So, we invite mommies to let their experiences, challenges, joys, highs and lows make way for them through TIMC. Let’s live, laugh and learn with partner moms and give the best to our babies.